Agora for Worktech

Putting technology at the service of people and industries! New approaches, evolving tools, ever more adapted media, transformed methods of exchange, extended or remote teams... Considered as challenges, these changes are in fact the basis of the richness of today's and tomorrow's working world.

Positioned in the BioTech, FoodTech, FinTech, FashionTech, AgriTech, GreenTech, InsurTech and many other markets, we have been witnessing for the past few years the development of companies that have decided to digitize, to propose disruptive models and to focus on the user experience.

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Examples of application cases

Agora Software contributes to the transformation towards simpler and more responsive work environments. The challenges and configurations are multiple and we reveal some of the projects to which we contribute.

Employee experience

Many companies are implementing a digital workplace for their employees and even their partners. Ensuring the success of this initiative is critical to communication, user experience, productivity, team retention and employer brand, whether in the office or remotely (e.g. telecommuting).

Enrichment of service offerings

The universal aspect of natural language combined with no-code scenarios and the infinite possibilities of connections with applications and data sources offers many opportunities to enrich the offerings of manufacturers, editors and service providers.

Other applications: Helping frail people stay at home, improving the travel experience of your customers, strengthening the response capabilities of your chatbot.

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Our white papers on the digital workplace

Finding the right balance between private and professional life, organizing a digital office as comfortable and functional as the physical workspace, including and retaining employees even when they are remote, in different teams or countries… These are all challenges facing organizations today. Our white paper offers an overview of practices, aspirations and tips…

White paper

Enrich the digital workplace

The digital workplace enables employees to access their business information, communicate and collaborate with their colleagues from anywhere.

Do you have another use case for your company?

The Agora solution adapts to your business, including the implementation details resulting from your past investments, experience and culture of your teams. The above situations are only examples to facilitate the understanding of the possibilities that are at your fingertips.

Our experts are at your disposal to answer all your questions and advise you on the best way to inform, animate and automate different aspects of your business. Do not hesitate to contact them!