Agora Software

About Agora Software

Agora Software deploys conversational application interfaces to enhance the user experience of applications and platforms. We create rich, multilingual and omnichannel interactions with all your users.

Equipe Agora Software

Our Vision

Reduce efforts and increase efficiency

Business applications are multiplying, and user paths are becoming ever more complex.

Adaptation efforts are borne by users who do not fully benefit from digitalization processes.

Developing user engagement by offering them a simple, intuitive, conversational experience is a vector of efficiency for all: users, companies, publishers and so on.

Our Mission

Generalize collaboration within the information system

Agora’s mission is to make any application and knowledge base conversational through IA and Natural Language.


Our Technologies

Anticipate, innovate and secure

  • AI & natural language to transform user interactions (omnichannel, multilingual)
  • No-code & Low-code to accelerate projects while reducing cost and complexity
  • SaaS platform to deliver security and privacy by-design services

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