Subscription plans

Our subscription plans aim at both one-off projects and very large deployments. Flexible, they support your projects in their successive phases : pilot, initial deployment, generalization.


Whatever your project, there is a plan for you.

Four plans, all with full functionnal coverage as there is no reason that small projects cannot benefit from the best of technology to automate their business workflows and simplify users interactions!


Corresponds to large projects of enterprises or cities, involving many applications and connected devices.

  • Up to 30 Workspaces
  • Up to 300 vThings
  • Up to 10,000 Talkers
  • Up to 300 Workflows
  • Real-time interactions
  • Multiple user languages
  • Verbatim: 9 month lifetime


To streamline users’ interactions and automate workflows within  enterprises and smart cities.

  • Up to 10 Workspaces
  • Up to 100 vThings
  • Up to 3,000 Talkers
  • Up to 100 Workflows
  • Real-time interactions
  • Multiple user languages
  • Verbatim: 6 month lifetime


For medium-sized projects with strong needs for interactions among applications, IoT, web services and users.

  • Up to 3 Workspaces
  • Up to 20 vThings
  • Up to 1,000 Talkers
  • Up to 30 Workflows
  • Real-time interactions
  • Multiple user languages
  • Verbatim: 3 month lifetime


Ideal for pilot projects and to unveil the full value of collaboration within the extended information system.

  • 1 Workspaces
  • Up to 5 vThings
  • Up to 300 Talkers
  • Up to 10 Workflows
  • Real-time interactions
  • Multiple user languages
  • Verbatim: 1 month lifetime

For extra-large projects or specific configurations, please contact us.


The Organization is the entity that subscribes to a plan. It can be an enterprise, a city, an hospital, a school, etc. Subscription plans apply at the Organization level and are billed to the Organization.

Organization Administrators obtain access to the Agora management console, where they can configure their Organization (e.g. create Workspaces, add vThings, etc.), manage their Workspaces and obtain information about service usage and performance. Organization Analysts can configure business workflows and obtain information about service usage and performance within Workspaces.

Talkers are conversational interfaces that are implemented within vThings and used to exchange information with applications, web services, IoT connected devices, collaborative applications, social networks, etc. Each connected entity (sensor, actuator, machines, etc.) individually managed by a vThing is considered as a Talker.

The Verbatim is the general ledger of the messages exchanged in each Workspace. Each message is in natural language and time stamped, hence their understanding is simple, transforming the Verbatim into a unique tool for traceability and multi-purpose activity analysis.

vThings are applications hosted in the Agora platform that connect Workspaces to IoT platforms, applications, web services, social media, etc. A vThing is attached to a Workspace and converts an API (Application Programming Interface) into natural language (in both directions) and manages the necessary functionalities such as language detection, event handling, workflows, credentials management, etc.

Organization Administrators can freely deploy vThings on Workspaces, within the overall limit of their plan.

A Workflow is a programmable sequence of operations that is triggered by events (including human actions). The sequence of operations carried out by Workflows consist in sending messages to Talkers (for example to activate an actuator), contact a (human) user, log a verbatim, etc.

Administrators and Analysts can freely deploy Workflows on their Workspaces, within the overall limit of their plan.

A Workspace is the virtual location where connected devices, applications, web services and users can exchange Messages and execute Workflows. Workspaces are isolated from each other, which increases security, ensures confidentiality and simplifies operations.

Depending on the subscription plan, the Organization is entitled to a given number of Workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resources are evaluated by adding them across all the Workspaces of the Organization. Numbers are limited depending on the plan selected for the Organization.

Agora’s other business is to provide its customers with new vThings very quickly. We take care of frequently used applications; for those that are specific to your organization, we can either develop them for you, or provide you with the tools (SDK) to produce them yourself without difficulty. Please contact us here.
At the moment, we provide the following languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German,  Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. We are constanlty extending this list; if you have specific requirements, please contact us here.

When you create a new Agora account, you’re enrolled in a free 30-day trial of the Agora “Premier” plan.

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you choose to upgrade, you’ll be charged a pro-rated amount for the rest of the monthly or yearly billing cycle.

If you no longer wish to use an Agora plan, you may cancel at any time. You will receive a pro-rated credit with Agora for the unused remainder of your monthly or yearly billing cycle, this credit to be used in the next 12 month period.

At the moment we only accept payment in Euros (€). We do accept all major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal and Bank transfers. For other requirements, please contact us here.
When you pre-pay for a year for an Agora service plan, an approximate 25% discount is provided compared to the monthly price. We also offer an additional 15% discount for non-profits. Please contact us here to know if you are eligible.
Specific solutions for extra-large deployments are available; please contact us here.

You are unsure about your needs, our solution or just curious? There is no bad question!

Our experts are available to advise you on the best way to animate and automate your business processes. Don’t hesitate to ask them all your questions!