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The SaaS solution that enhances the user experience and brings your data to life

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Your applications are in silos, your users on their messengers...

…our platform of platforms makes them collaborate naturally.

Simplify the user experience

Turn your data into action

Ensure comfort and efficiency for your users

Accelerate your digital projects

Unify data and users for your projects

Accelerate and simplify the user path

Your users are increasingly mobile in hybrid and agile organizations.

They all use personal or professional messaging on a daily basis. 

Simplify the use of applications, 

Maximize the use of your digital workplace, 

Streamline your business processes, 

Avoid the multiplication of mobile and web applications.

Manage your environmental performance

Control the environmental performance of your tertiary buildings, green spaces or condominiums without work.

Visualize situations and detect anomalies,

Reduce consumption (-20% on average),

Prioritize actions (insulation, etc.),

Optimize your budgets and measure the impact.

Inclusive digital transformation

Make your services available to your users, wherever they are and at any time.

Make them available to all your employees, partners and customers,

Strengthen your employer brand,

Combine and exploit data of all kinds,

Extend the uses of your application park.

Our customers tell you about their experience

The shortest way to associate connected devices, applications, web services and users


The collaboration between all your sources of information makes it easy to create innovative and efficient processes.


People make use of their daily communication applications (Slack, Teams, Facebook, Whatsapp, Google…), in the language they wish.


Preservation of your infrastructure, optimization of your processes, high scalability, intuitive usage: more results with minimal means.

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Our experts are available to answer all your questions and advise you on the best way to animate and automate your business process within the information system. Do not hesitate to contact them! 



Boostez la productivité et l’engagement de vos collaborateurs en leur offrant une expérience plus naturelle, convivale et personnalisée grâce aux interfaces conversationnelles.

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