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Increasingly mobile within agile and hybrid organizations, 100% of your users are continuously on their professional and personal messaging.

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Capitalize your digital workplace,

Streamline your business processes,

Avoid the proliferation of mobile and web applications.

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Working with Agora has allowed us to gain valuable time to innovate by integrating an additional brick of Artificial Intelligence into our Talentia Human Capital Management suite.

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Our white paper guides you in improving the user path

Finding the right balance between private and professional life, organizing a digital office as comfortable and functional as its physical workspace, including and retaining its employees, including when they are remote, in different teams or countries… So many challenges facing today’s organizations.

Our white paper offers you an overview of practices, aspirations and tips…

White paper

Enrich the digital workplace

The digital workplace enables employees to access their business information, communicate and collaborate with their colleagues from anywhere.

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The Agora solution adapts to your business, including in the implementation details derived from your past investments, the experience and culture of your teams. The situations above are just examples to make it easier to understand the possibilities at your fingertips.

Our experts are at your disposal to answer all your questions and advise you on the best way to inform, animate and automate different aspects of your business. Do not hesitate to ask them!