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Conversational AI for your applications

Our platform makes the value of your applications accessible to all your users

Agora Solution


Based on our own technology, the Agora Software solution makes any connected application conversational.

Agora centralizes all interactions with your users, wherever they may be.

Our No-Code and Low-Code approach enables rapid deployment of new application bots in just a few days.

Our platform is hosted entirely in France, with redundancy provided by several hosting providers to guarantee the security of even the most sensitive data.

Conversational interfaces

You create your scenarios based on relevant actions on your applications through our conversational interfaces: notifications, information searches, transactions, etc.

You benefit from an initial and scalable conversational interface model.

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On your side, the integration effort is limited.

A store of connectors is available, and we work with you to define the ones that meet your needs.

If an application’s connector is not available, we rely on generic connectors for rapid, low-cost implementation.

Agora also makes all its internal APIs and their documentation available to the public.


Your users don’t have to download a new application. We transform your daily communication channels into conversational interfaces.

You can combine several channels:

  • Professional collaborative applications, including MS Teams, Google Workspace, Slack;
  • Personal messaging applications, such as SMS, Messenger and WhatsApp;
  • Bot-like access integrated into web interfaces or mobile applications;
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).
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Le mot Bonjour traduit dans différentes langues


Users can express themselves in the language of their choice, from among some 15 available languages. Additional languages can be added on request.

Several languages can be used simultaneously within a single project.

However, the administrator can decide either to activate automatic language recognition, or to define the reference language to be used within the project.

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Dedicated workspaces

Agora is a multi-tenant solution that isolates each project space.

Our customers can integrate it into their own back-office via APIs, so as to automate the integration of new customers quickly and securely.

Each project or customer can have its own dedicated resources (NLP, databases, microservices, etc.). Data exchanges are encrypted, as are all sensitive data (accounts, API keys, etc.).

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One sentence replaces 

9 clicks


40 common operations processed using only natural language


78% of employees don’t have a full knowledge of the tools they use on a daily basis

Forget chatbots, adopt conversational AI

Agora’s conversational interface is specialized to the application to which it is connected (which can be an application, a platform, a web service or a knowledge base).

Unlike a chatbot, we’re not an intelligent assistant, and we don’t pretend to be human.
A traditional chatbot is designed to satisfy “question-answer” exchanges on a static and limited knowledge base.

Our job is to provide an application interface in natural language
that enables users to make requests and place orders, in several languages and on several channels, while remaining within a precise application context.


Human Resources

Example of a "conversation" between a user and an HRIS


Example of a "conversation" between a user and an ERP solution


Book a meeting room with a single simple conversation thanks to Agora Software


Get information from a procurement system or a knowledge base from a simple conversation
Facilitate access and increase adoption of business applications with conversational interfaces

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Employee experience

Simplify access to your business applications with conversational interfaces.

Benefits of the Agora Software solution

Conversational applications for all


Multiple use cases.

Flexible integration with necessary applications and LLM.

Multi-language & Multi-channel

Natively omnichannel and multilingual for rapid deployment and adoption.

No-Code orchestration

Log storage, visible from the platform or exportable to BI tools (oData).

Full control

Can be handled by non-specialists.

Intentions defined directly from the No-Code platform.

Fast, effortless training.


NLP owner

Dedicated to the project & Trusted AI, hosted in the European Union.

Light: frugal, ecological, sober.


High availability

Cloud platform available 24/7 – SLA.

How to implement a project?

Starting an Agora project is quick and easy: create your workspace, select the applications and platforms to collaborate on. You are now ready to communicate in natural language and all that remains is to configure your first scenario. 

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Creating the workspace

Your workspace is generated when you subscribe to the service. You just have to select a few options and declare your administrators and analyst with their associated rights of use. 


Selecting applications

Available applications are displayed in a store of vThings accessible from your console. You install them with one click in a few seconds and complete their configuration with the relevant credentials.  


Setting up scenarios

Your no-code graphical interface guides you to define your first processes: triggering conditions, actions to be taken when conditions are met, variable message notifications…

Interested in our solution?

You will find a lot of additional information on this site, in particular about the solution, examples of use and the different subscription formulas that are proposed.

Our experts are available to answer your questions and advise you on the best way to animate and automate your business processes. Do not hesitate to contact them!