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At the heart of the Agora solution, natural language and no code orchestration ensure simple and flexible use by each stakeholder within the enterprise: business experts, operational teams as well as the IT department.

Agora Solution

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For business experts

They define, automate and maintain the most diverse scenarios they are responsible for, without the need to develop software code.

For operational staff

Notifications and queries in everyday language, reuse of  communication apps: nothing new to install and to learn.

For the IT department

Unburdened by the maintenance of business scenarios and APIs, the IT department can now focus on its innovation projects.


The continuous alignment of business processes with operational needs is made optimal, while reusing existing infrastructures. The value of the information system is thus reinforced and the capacity for innovation is amplified.


All transactions are recorded in natural language and allow a total transparency of usage. This register contributes to the traceability of operations within your organization as well as to the identification of atypical situations. 


The Agora solution is delivered from a shared platform, hosted in the cloud. Each organization subscribing to the service benefits from one or more protected workspaces, allowing a flexible deployment of its various projects. 

Secure workspaces for every project

Each workspace has an administration console that allows the configuration, supervision and creation of automated scenarios. It also enables the activation of natural language interfaces to users and the various applications, devices and platforms that need to be interconnected. All administration functions are also accessible from a documented API.

Business experts: defining scenarios without coding

The business expert defines her scenarios via a no-code interface, in two steps: 1° selection of triggering conditions and 2° configuration of commands to be applied when the conditions are met. An advanced mode allows the graphic input to be replaced by code for specific situations. 

échange langage naturel

Operational teams: communicate in natural language

Users interact in the language of their choice with connected devices and applications within their workspace: notifications and queries are transmitted via collaborative applications, social networks and other usual means of communication (sms, email). 

Business applications, web services and IoT platforms

The Agora solution is connected to applications and platforms via their APIs, thanks to a dedicated connector called “vThing”. Each vThing converts in real time the language of the API it is in charge of into natural language, manages events, discovers resources, etc. The vThings are selected and installed from a store accessible from the admin console.

Plateformes IOT

What if my application is not available?

The diversity of applications is such that it is useless to aim to have them all in advance. This is why Agora’s other job is to make new connectors (vThings) available quickly. We take care of the frequently used applications; and for those more specific to your organization, we can either develop them for you, or provide tools (SDK) allowing you to produce them yourself without much difficulty. 


The Agora solution combines original technologies, application containerization, advanced resource orchestration and a robust implementation to offer its customers high performance and flexibility. 

Natural language processing

Fast and precise, Agora’s natural language processing (NLP) allows exchanges with users, connected devices, web services and business applications.

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Multiple natural languages

Agora NLP works directly in many languages (English, French, Japanese, etc.). Immediate adaptation to the user’s language is made possible by automatic language detection.

No-code orchestration

The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to configure rich and varied scenarios combining all available resources. An advanced mode allows the development of scripts in JavaScript.

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The entire platform is designed to respond quickly (< 1 sec) to events and queries placed on it, even in the case of large deployments (applications, devices…). 

Security and confidentiality

Each project has dedicated and isolated resources (database, micro-services, etc.). Data exchanges are encrypted, as well as all secrets (accounts, API keys, etc.).

High availability

Technical resources are hosted in the data centers of three independent providers, with load balancing and automatic reconfiguration in case of failure. 

How to implement a project?

Starting an Agora project is quick and easy: create your workspace, select the applications and platforms to collaborate on. You are now ready to communicate in natural language and all that remains is to configure your first scenario. 


Creating the workspace

Your workspace is generated when you subscribe to the service. You just have to select a few options and declare your administrators and analyst with their associated rights of use. 


Selecting applications

Available applications are displayed in a store of vThings accessible from your console. You install them with one click in a few seconds and complete their configuration with the relevant credentials.  


Setting up scenarios

Your no-code graphical interface guides you to define your first processes: triggering conditions, actions to be taken when conditions are met, variable message notifications…

Hybrid deployment mode (edge)

One of your applications is not accessible from outside your company? The edge mode allows you to deport the corresponding connector (vThing) within your own infrastructure, while allowing global control from the cloud. You provide the server, we provide the Docker container with its vThing. 

White paper - agora software general presentation

White paper

General presentation

Natural language collaboration service for IoT, business applications, web services and users.

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