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Fifty shades of black


We have to look at the painting to appreciate the light reflected by the black surface. It’s essential. If we only see black, it is because we are not looking at the canvas. If we are more attentive, we can see the light reflected by the canvas. Its space is not on the wall, it is in front of the wall, and we who are watching, we are in this space.” Pierre Soulages.

Undisputed master of the black color, which he calls “black-light” or “overblack”, Pierre Soulages brings out from his paintings all the nuances of a rainbow hitherto unsuspected.

With Soulages, black does not annihilate colors, it brings them together to concentrates and finally restore them. This unity and simplicity of means is the matrix of an infinity of universes all unique, all different.

With its countless nuances, the Internet of Things (IoT) also requires a simple and universal support, capable of carrying all known and to be invented applications, without prejudging current and future forms.

Able to unite, rather than separate, objects, apps and people. At Agora Software, we are convinced that this medium, this “overblack”, already exists: our own natural language.

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