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The Agora solution: benefits, concept and demonstration

FRFebruary 9, 2021
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Agora believes in giving back a central place to the different business actors that make up a company, through the use of natural language and no-code processes. Discover how and why our solution is a key asset for simplifying your workflows through a short demonstration of the different possibilities of our platform.


00 : 02 min: Presentation video 

01 : 22 min: Presentation of the webinar 

02 : 13 min: Presentation of the concept and benefits of the Agora solution 

03 : 14 min: Example of use case with the solution 

10 : 04 min: Presentation of the 4 main functions of the solution 

13 : 09 min: Video of a use case in the field of Agriculture with the Agora solution

15 : 34 min: Demonstration of the use of the solution 

27 : 52 min: Questions and answers 

34 : 06 min: Thanks