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Cities and Territories: quicky unlock the potential of your current infrastructure

FRNovember 10, 2021 at 10:00 am
Cas d'usage - Qualité de l'air

Agora Software allows territories to access new sources of value, efficiency and control of expenses in their services and operations.

In this fifth webinar, discover the numerous possibilities of actions of our solution with your communities, through various examples of use cases.

Our choice of no-code orchestration, the absence of deployment of a new tool to users, and the use of natural language for all exchanges, guarantee a smooth introduction of our solution and the best chances of acceptance by your teams, as well as the real-time gathering of all useful information from heterogeneous sources.

Energy optimization, technical management of assets, air quality control, are among the many fields of application of our technology.

Target audience: City general manager, Technical manager, Buildings manager, Innovation department …


00 : 02 min: Introduction video 

01 : 30 min: Presentation of the webinar 

02 : 43 min: Introduction smart city 

10 :48 min: Presentation of the Agora solution for the smart city

14 : 32 min: Examples of use cases of the solution for the city 

19 : 56 min: Presentation of the interface of the Agora solution 

26 : 03 min: Recommendations 

28 : 24 min: Questions and answers

33 : 50 min: Thanks