Tertiary buildings

Reducing energy consumption, improving quality of life and security are the new challenges for tertiary buildings (offices, educational and health institutions, sports and cultural facilities, etc.). Close coordination between applications and connected devices is the key to the success of these projects. 

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Example : Energy transition

Ecological awareness, regulations and reduced expenses are the driving forces behind the energy transition in commercial buildings.

In some countries the law defines ambitious objectives of reducing energy consumption in tertiary buildings (e.g. in France, by -40% by 2030.) The main areas of improvement include:

  • The building envelope (insulation, joinery, solar protection…);
  • Installation of efficient equipment (heating, hot water, lighting, etc.);
  • The optimization of operations (active management of the equipment…);
  • The economical use of energy (automatic switch-off of lighting, etc.).

The last two points require a flexible and interactive digital infrastructure, supporting both optimized automatic processes and simple real-time interactions with the staff in charge of the technical management of these buildings. 

Elements that must interact:


Connected sensors and meters

Temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC concentration, intrusion and noise detectors…

Active equipment

Either directly or through a BMS: ventilation, heating, air conditioning, lighting, watering, openings control… 


Calendar of use of the premises

Public holidays, opening hours, occupation of the premises…

Web services

Weather forecast, pollution alert…


Staff in charge of buildings' operations

Janitorial services, routine maintenance, scheduled repairs, cleaning, waste removal…

Which subscription plan for your buildings?

Our flexible subscription plans are designed for small buildings as well as large complexes, office towers and shopping centers. They will support you during the different phases of your projects: pilot, deployment and generalization.  

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