Smart cities

Cities are looking to deliver better services to their residents, reduce their environmental footprint  and modernize the technical management of their real estate – at little cost and without impacting their current infrastructure. 

Four axes are privileged:

  • Empower existing infrastructure
  • Reduce the consumption of water, energy, salt, etc.
  • Improve services to the population
  • Protect property and people
Cas d'usage - Qualité de l'air

Example : Air quality

As a major public health issue, air quality must be strictly controlled and improved.

Schools, canteens, sports facilities, theaters and any closed room receiving the public and agents, all places where it is necessary to control the concentration of certain pollutants:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): it is an index of confinement in public places. When the concentration approaches 1000 ppm (parts per million), it is time to ventilate (open the window, force the ventilation, etc.);
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): toxic above 1000 µg/m3, they are often produced by wall coverings, paints, furniture, etc. Here also, it is advisable to improve the ventilation of the premises. 

Beyond the physical measurement of these values, it is necessary to draw conclusions in real time: warn the teacher to open the window, the technical director to put the room under surveillance, increase the flow of the ventilation system, etc.  

Elements that must interact:


CO2 and COV sensors

Installed in each room to be monitored.

Calendar of use of the premises

To understand the context of the measures and who to notify in the event of an incident.


Additional information

  • Current weather and forecast;
  • Road and port traffic;
  • Pollen concentration;
  • Outdoor air quality…

People affected by this information

Either in notification (alert on crossing of threshold, daily bulletin …) or in real time interrogation:

  • Director of Technical Services;
  • Responsible for the premises concerned;
  • Teachers and school directors…

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