Business applications

Business applications are at the heart of business processes: industry (ERP, MES, CMMS, etc.), logistics (WMS), buildings (BMS), commercial functions (CRM), administration (HRIS, finance, etc.). They are increasingly required to collaborate with their digital environment, but also to interact more simply with their users.

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Example : HRIS application suite

The HRIS, or Human Resource Information Solution: a strategic tool for the enterprise.

Beyond its basic and necessary administrative features, the HRIS is at the center of many business processes.

The stakes are significant: tasks simplification, information accuracy, employee satisfaction, compliance with regulations, innovations within the administrative department and finally direct contribution to the productivity and quality of the company’s production.

  • Employees and their managers need simple and natural interactions, accessible on the collaborative tools they use every day;
  • The smooth running of production, maintenance and logistics is linked to the knowledge of the availability of staff,  absences (planned or not), the rotation pattern of teams (2×8, 3×8), etc.
  • New expectations are emerging, in particular around the organization of attendance at work, transport, concierge services, etc.

New values just waiting to be unveiled


Natural language to connect employees to their HRIS suite

Through an omni-channel natural language interface, employees can receive notifications and make requests in the language of their choice: vacations, training and other requests of any kind. Directly through the collaboration solution of each company: MS Teams, Google, Slack, etc.

Simplified interaction with customers' business applications

What if HRIS were no longer isolated in a functional silo, and could natively interact with other business applications? Pay, ERP, MES, CMMS, partner solutions (interim, recruitment, etc.), so many opportunities to create value for users.


Innovative and useful services at your fingertips

The opening of the HRIS suite to external solutions makes it possible to serve enterprises and their employees even better: parking reservations, charging stations for electric vehicles, weather forecast, road traffic, public transport, carpooling, pollution index, catering , parcel delivery, etc.

Editors, which plan to enrich your business application?

Flexible, our subscription plans are designed for all business software publishers. Depending on the case, specific business models are also possible.

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