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The digital workplace allows employees, wherever they are, to access their professional information, to communicate and to collaborate with their colleagues. Integrated into this digital environment, the Agora solution extends the functions available in the digital workplace by offering each employee multilingual access directly from his environment to the various business applications of the company (HRIS, ERP, CRM …) and extending it if necessary to public messaging applications (Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.).

Example: Enrich the digital workplace of an insurance company

An international insurance company deploys Office 365 and MS Teams as a digital work environment for its employees.

The objective of this insurer: to create a rich, friendly and human workspace for its teams, even though it is digital.

Beyond the basic functionalities (document sharing, collaboration between members of different projects, audio and video communication…), the direct access to the most used business applications is identified by the management as an important element to animate the teams on site as well as remotely.

In particular, the ability to perform recurring business tasks without leaving one’s digital space, no longer having to identify oneself on multiple web services, remembering the subtleties of each user interface, etc. 

The request of this insurance company was therefore to allow all its employees to use MS Teams as a single point of access for their daily HR requests, but also to interact with the intranet, the works council or the IT support. 

The integration was based on the HR solution, as it concerns all employees of all subsidiaries: 

  • Report an unavailability
  • Request a pay slip
  • Consult the offers of the Works Council in your country
  • Apply for leave
  • Create a ticket with the helpdesk
  • Register for a training course
  • Follow the performance of your agency during the national challenge
  • etc.

The qualities of Agora’s language processing (precision, ease of defining intentions, number of available languages, etc.), as well as the omnichannel aspect of the solution, allowed the definition of a rapid project (only a few months).

Cybersecurity and confidentiality of information (RGPD) were at the heart of the integration architecture with the API of the HRIS solution (the data remains hosted in the data center of the insurer).

Elements that must interact:


HRIS application suite

Absence, training, payroll, expenses, evaluations, recruitment…

Other applications

Company intranet, works council site, ERP, etc.


Communication tools

Collaborative applications (MS Teams, Slack, Google…) and messaging services (Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS…)


In their everyday language


To go further...

Putting people at the heart of the digital work environment by communicating in their own language

Human beings naturally understand and interact with each other in English, French, Portuguese and at least using human language.

The use of natural language is therefore one of the keys to a simple, efficient and accessible workspace, which will facilitate its adoption.

If it is true that not all actions can be simply verbalized, there is however great progress accessible for most of the requests and exchanges, obviously with our colleagues, but also with the digital solutions supporting the company’s business: business applications, web services, connected objects, etc.

Imagine. Your employees use a digital workspace (e.g. MS Teams). They have organized this space according to the projects they are involved in, the groups they interact with, their interests, etc.

Leaving this environment to use another service, often through a website or a mobile application, will require an effort: leaving the workspace, finding the link to the website or application, identifying oneself, remembering the interface, copying and duplicating information and finding the automatisms necessary to use the service, etc.

It will be quicker and more natural for the user to consider that the application is part of his correspondents and to send him a message “as it comes”, directly in the language of his choice, from his digital workspace.

Putting Agora Software into action

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