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Improving the daily life of residents by aiming for efficiency and sobriety. Smart cities have been developing for several years now by relying on social ties, the wealth of human knowledge and new technologies, while taking into account local specificities.

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Examples of community applications

Agora Software works for better connected and more sustainable territories. The challenges and configurations are multiple. We reveal you some of the projects to which we contribute.

Manage more sustainably

Optimizing the use of resources (energy, water, air) has become an obligation for communities. Moreover, 90% of local authorities have an environmental project in progress. Agora Software helps to reduce up to 30% the energy impact of your community, in just a few months. Here are three very common cases of application.

Other cases of application to consume less and better: control the gauges of reception, control the lighting of the buildings, detect intrusions, optimize the maintenance and the maintenance of equipment.

Improving daily use

Simplifying and enriching interactions between users and the community is a priority issue for all elected officials:

Improve services, facilitate contacts, better inform citizens.

Here are 3 concrete operational examples, implemented with Agora Software in a few weeks.

Other cases of application to improve the life of citizens: facilitate the registration to leisure centers or nursery, report the removal of bulky or graffiti, manage the booking of appointments for civil status procedures, respond to requests for daily local information (on-call pharmacies, schedules of municipal structures, questions on elections, monitoring air quality …), disseminate and analyze a citizen consultation …

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Our latest articles about the smart city

Our white papers for a more sustainable community

Each project has its own success indicators, its constraints, its experts, its beneficiaries… At Agora Software, we have studied and analyzed them through exchanges with more than a hundred local managers.

These numerous meetings have led to the writing of white papers that are intended to be resources for territorial players. These documents have been designed for them to enable them to gain in efficiency and readability by sharing certain tools, communicating on the right channels and transforming their data into actions.

White paper

Smart Cities and Premises

Optimize uses, reduce impacts and serve the residents


Energy Optimization

Example of reducing the energy footprint of city buildings with our solution.

Agora Software, the turnkey solution to manage your local projects

The Agora solution is :

Customizable. It adapts to your business, facilitates interdepartmental communication and enhances the experience and culture of your teams. Communication with the platform is done on your favorite messaging system (Teams, Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack…)

Flexible. It interfaces with your existing tools, understands all types of structured data as well as natural language,

Easy. Workflows and alerts are customizable with the mouse (drag and drop), Integration of new data is Plug and Play. The solution is implemented in one day and does not require training.

Do you have another use case?

Describe your application in Agora and make it operational in a few days.

Our team is at your disposal, don’t hesitate to ask us!

The best way to inform, animate and automate your Smartcity projects.