Use cases

Bringing together connected devices, applications, web services, business experts and users is a universal need. This is why the Agora solution adapts to your field of activity: agriculture, buildings, industry, services, communities and even business software editors.

use cases

Agora for Smartcity

Agora Software works for better connected and more sustainable territories. The challenges and configurations are multiple. We reveal you some of the projects to which we contribute.

The themes are numerous, the tasks multiple, with issues as diverse as improving public services, citizen engagement, reducing environmental impact, economic development and improving the functioning of the administration.

We present here some uses of the Agora Software solution for cities, communities, departments and regions.

Manage more sustainably

Reducing environmental impacts is a must. How to measure, inform, manage, and interact to reduce one’s footprint and also spare the community’s budget?

We explain it to you through the concrete cases we have addressed.

Improving daily uses

A good way to serve one’s community and develop the dynamism of one’s territory is to encourage exchanges with citizens.

Both users and agents will benefit from this simplification. The result: an even better image and increased efficiency… we tested it.

Agora for Worktech

For their employees, their customers and partners, their products and services, companies need to simplify exchanges and to boost interactions.

We reveal you some of the projects to which Agora Software contributes.

Employee experience

The way of working in companies has and will continue to evolve.

Creating a digital work environment appropriate to hybrid collaboration conditions (telecommuting, face-to-face, roaming, international…) is a factor of cohesion and efficiency for your employees.

Here are a few projects, which demonstrate that it is possible to bring your teams together and offer them a better “employee experience” simply and quickly. 

Enriching service offerings

Your products and services are the result of your expertise. Our proposal: Integrate our software to enable you to take full advantage of natural language, no-code scenarios and omnichannel, real-time communication.

The integrations presented in use cases illustrate our ability to complement your offering, extend its use and facilitate its adoption.

Discover our white paper

White paper - Agora Software Usecases

White paper

Use cases

Examples of collaboration between IoT, business applications, web services and users in different business sectors.

Is your situation different?

The Agora solution adapts to your business scenarios, including the implementation details derived from your past investments, the experience and culture of your teams. The above situations are only examples to make it easier to understand the possibilities that are at your fingertips.

Our experts are available to answer all your questions and advise you on the best way to animate and automate your business processes. Do not hesitate to ask them !