Various use cases for all projects

Simplifiez le parcours utilisateur
Manage your environment performance

Accelerate and simplify the user path

Enrichment of service offerings

Your products and services are the fruit of your expertise.

Our proposal: Integrate our solution to allow you to take full advantage of natural language and multilingual, omnichannel and real-time communication through a conversational application interface.

The integrations presented in use cases illustrate our ability to complement your offer, extend its use and offer a unique user experience!

Manage your environmental performance

Manage more sustainably

Reducing environmental impacts is a must. The energy crisis and the Territorial Climate Air Energy Plan are pushing local authorities to reduce consumption and improve the environmental quality of their buildings.
But how to measure, inform and control, to reduce its footprint but also to relieve the budget of the community without heavy renovation work or massive investment in new technologies?

We explain it to you through the concrete cases we have addressed. 

Inclusive digital transformation

Employee experience

Make your services available to your employees, partners and customers wherever they are and at any time.

Build team loyalty and strengthen your employer brand by creating a digital work environment appropriate for hybrid collaboration conditions (telecommuting, face-to-face, mobility, staggered hours, etc.).

Improve everyday uses

Simplify access to your services for your constituents, promote exchanges from the applications you already use and boost your territory by offering an interactive and unique experience to your visitors and your premises.

The result: an even better image and increased efficiency… we tested it.

Discover our white paper

White paper - Agora Software Usecases

White paper

Various use cases for all projects

Examples Agora Software integration.

Is your situation different?

The Agora solution adapts to your business scenarios, including the implementation details derived from your past investments, the experience and culture of your teams. The above situations are only examples to make it easier to understand the possibilities that are at your fingertips.

Our experts are available to answer all your questions and advise you on the best way to animate and automate your business processes. Do not hesitate to ask them !