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Steps to find Objenious SPOT Platform credentials for setting up Objenious vThing Manager.

To setup Objenious vThing Manager, Agora console admin has to provide values for apikey and objeniousGroupCode in Custom & Secure JSON Configuration during vThing installation process.

  1. Steps to get apikey.
    1. Sign in to Objenious SPOT Platform.
    2. From the left navigation panel, select Connections > API Keys.
    3. Choose the KEY corresponding to the Group that will be used with Objenious Agora vThing Manager. Use this as the apikey in the Agora console.

      ‚ÄčIn the example below, the KEY values associated with the Agora Software group is chosen.

  2. Steps to get objeniousGroupCode
    1. From the left navigation bar of the Objenious SPOT Platform, select Administration > Groups > select CODE. It is important to select the code for the group whose API Keys (apikey) are selected during the previous step.
    2. Copy the CODE corresponding to the group whose apikey was selected in the earlier step. Use this as the value of objeniousGroupCode in Agora console.
  3. Paste the apikey and objeniousGroupCode values copied in steps 1 and 2 in the corresponding configuration of the Agora console.
  4. Once the installation is successfully complete, click on vThing Settings for Objenious vThing.
  5. The setting lists the Objenious Device profiles and their attributes mapped to Agora Platform device type and attributes. Review the mapping and modify if needed. An attribute (or device) that is set to ignore will not be processed by Agora Software.

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