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AWS IoT Core

Steps to find AWS IoT Core credentials for setting up AWS IOT Core vThing Manager.

To setup AWS IOT Core vThing Manager, Agora console admin has to provide values for awsEndpoint and awsKeys in Custom & Secure JSON Configuration during vThing installation process.

  1. Steps to get awsEndpoint.
    1. Use the AWS IoT console thing details. Open Manage. Under Manage, choose Things and, in the list of things, select and open a thing. In the left nav of the Thing detail page, choose Interact and view the endpoint URI in the HTTPS section of the page.
      AWS IoT Core
    2. Another way is to use the AWS IoT console settings. In Settings, the endpoint is listed under Device data endpoint.
      AWS IoT Core
  2. Steps to get awsKeys
    1. AwsKeys  are used for direct AWS API calls. It contains values for accessKeyId, secretAccessKey, region.
    2. Use the AWS IoT console My security credentials.
      AWS IoT Core
    3. Under Access Keys select Create New Access Key. Generate the value of Access Key ID and Secret key.
      AWS IoT Core
    4. Extract the region value from awsEndpoint.
      1. The general syntax of a regional endpoint is as follows:
      2. For example,  is the awsEndpoint for the Amazon DynamoDB service and its region is us-west-2.

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