Agora Software

Use case

Helping vulnerable people stay at home

Staying in the familiar surroundings of one’s home and delaying entry into an EHPAD is the wish of most elderly or dependent people and their families. This is often possible, as long as the consequences of loss of autonomy are anticipated.

This is why the development of a digital personal assistance services sector is an important lever to meet these challenges.

home care for a senior

In France, nearly 450,000 people over the age of 65 fall at home each year. This is the leading cause of accidental death among seniors.

How to ensure the safety of a person living alone at home?

  • From the WhatsApp channel dedicated to the homecare service company,

  • the isolated person can directly request help.

  • She also receives notifications to check on their state of health,

  • or in the event of a potentially dangerous situation, such as a heatwave or extreme-cold alert,

  • which allow to react quickly in the event of a non-response.

  • and alert family and friends or the emergency services if necessary.

Elements that must interact:


Person to watch

Through the chosen messaging system

Pre-existing connected meters

Water, gas, electricity

Connected objects dedicated to surveillance

Fall, presence, motion and noise detectors

People to notify

Relatives, home care workers, rescue or emergency services


Example: Taking care of an isolated person

To go further...

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 15 million people aged 60 and over today. They will be 20 million in 2030 and nearly 24 million in 2060. The number of people over 85 will increase from 1.4 million today to 5 million in 2060. Housing all seniors or dependent persons in specialized facilities is neither possible nor desirable.

Keeping a frail person at home facilitates social ties and is less expensive than accommodation in a medical facility. Nevertheless, it can be synonymous with a lot of vigilance or stress for an isolated person as well as for his relatives.

Agora Software’s ability is to combine data and natural language to ensure a safe, proactive and communicative home care. 

The variety and multiplicity of data already available allows to secure home care. With Agora software, you collect data according to your needs:

  • Available without specific installation: weather forecasts or water, electricity, gas consumption…
  • That can be collected through simple and inexpensive sensors: CO2 rate, temperature, presence, movement, noise or fall detection devices, in order to anticipate or act in case of suspicion of a dangerous situation.

By correlating the data obtained, it is possible to accurately define worrying situations. Fortunately, most of the time it is a false alarm and for this reason communication is crucial.

To be able to exchange in real time with the person concerned, and if necessary, to alert a relative, or even an assistance service, makes it possible to react quickly in an appropriate way.

Agora Software makes it possible to do this in the language and through the channel chosen by each of these different users (messaging or social network for example). 

Which plan for your city?

Because not all territories have the same approach to home care, our offers are designed to adapt to your use and your constraints.

We will accompany you and propose the most appropriate plan to help fight against the isolation of the frail in your city or community.