Agora Software

Use case

Optimize the energy consumption of buildings

Energy optimization is a priority topic with a lot at stake. Budgetary, ecological and regulatory issues make substantial savings necessary, and as quickly as possible.

Dynamic energy management is an inexpensive solution that’s quick and easy to implement. On average, it can reduce consumption by 20%, while maintaining user comfort.

Cas d'usage - Batiment

How can you quickly adjust the energy consumption of several buildings?

  • On a cockpit dedicated to the city,

  • data is centralized and analyzed for each infrastructure.

  • It allows you to track progress towards targets over a chosen period,

  • detect and correct anomalies, and consult savings made and those that can be made.

  • From a Slack channel,

  • in the language of their choice and in their own words,

  • every business expert has real-time access to simple, global information,

  • via notifications and alerts, or by making a query,

  • wherever they may be.

"The speed of implementation of our project with Agora Software is a notable point. The IT department had no work to do, we installed the sensors in our buildings, the software part is SaaS and we exploited the dashboards to start working."

Elements that must interact:


Communicating meters and sensors

Temperature, humidity, smoke, CO2 and VOC concentration, intrusion detector, noise detector… 

Active equipment

HVAC: heating, ventilation, air conditioning


Calendar of use of the premises

Holidays, opening hours, special events…

Web services

Weather forecasts, pollution alerts, heat waves, extreme cold…


Teams in charge of the good functioning

Property management, technical management, sports management, janitor

Optional: cleaning, waste removal, security…

Example : Managing the environmental quality of a group of buildings

To go further...

Particularly costly to heat or air-condition, and sometimes even irregular in use (a gymnasium, for example), local buildings can benefit from a flexible, simple and common-sense solution for controlling energy consumption.

The Director of Technical Services for a medium-sized town decided to implement our solution to objectivize the comfort conditions of around thirty buildings, and to quickly and concretely reduce expenditure.

Implementation begins with the definition of a roadmap combining opening schedules and temperature targets for the various buildings. For example: “Target 19°C during opening hours from 9am to 6pm, and 16°C the rest of the time”.

Once these targets have been set, and our solution integrated with the city’s existing management tools, multiple data sets (temperatures, CO2, weather information, building usage schedules, etc.) converge in a single workspace, where they can be correlated and animated. 

Thanks to the platform’s no-code workshop, the DST can autonomously create notification and alert scenarios when a deviation from the roadmap is detected (e.g.: temperature exceeding the set point by 3°, absence in a room assumed to be occupied, etc.).

Each designated person receives a precise, context-sensitive notification directly on the messaging application they use every day, enabling them to take appropriate action.

Conversely, any authorized person (heating engineer, contractor, etc.) can query the data from the same application at any time: “What are the temperatures in the media library?

Within a few weeks, it is possible to realign actual conditions as closely as possible with the roadmap defined at the start of the project (schedules, instructions).

From the cockpit, the city can track progress and valorize the savings thus produced over the winter period, in terms of kWh, CO2, €. 

Energy consumption is kept under control, and costs are significantly reduced, while preserving the comfort of users and staff.

With an average alignment rate today of 88% across all 30 buildings, a major step has been taken towards meeting targets. The cockpit shows which buildings still have room for improvement, and thus for further savings.

Which plan for your city?

Because real estate is in very different states: connectivity, insulation, number of buildings…
Because the use of a sports complex is not the same as that of an administrative building
Because heating, air conditioning and ventilation management needs differ from one location to another…

Our subscription plans adapt to your configuration.

The Agora solution is very simple and intuitive. In addition, our team is at your disposal to accompany you during the different phases of your projects: pilot, deployment and generalization.

Contact them to discuss your projects and energy management constraints. They will help you design the best way to animate and automate your business processes.