Agora Software

Manage your environmental performance

Optimisation de la gestion des collectivités

Community assets, tertiary buildings, green spaces or condominiums:

  • Manage their environmental performance without work,
  • Visualize situations and detect anomalies,
  • Reduce consumption (-20% on average),
  • Prioritize actions (insulation, etc.),
  • Optimize your budgets and measure the impact.

Agora Software is a certified Efficient solution SOLAR IMPULSE

They say it

Logo de la ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux

"The speed of implementation of our project with Agora Software is a notable point. The IT department didn't have to do any work, we put the sensors in our buildings, the software part is SaaS, and we leveraged the dashboards to start working."

Detect, analyze, manage

Our white papers support your environmental performance management

Optimizing uses, reducing impacts, serving residents

Each project has its own success indicators, its constraints, its experts, its beneficiaries… Agora Software has studied and analyzed them through exchanges with more than a hundred local managers.

These numerous meetings have led to the writing of white papers that are intended to be resources for territorial players. These documents have been designed for them to enable them to gain in efficiency and readability by sharing certain tools, communicating on the right channels and transforming their data into actions.

White paper - Agora Software Usecases

White paper

Various use cases for all projects

Case studies of Agora Software’s integration in various business sectors. 


Energy Optimization

Example of reducing the energy footprint of city buildings with our solution.

Agora Software, the turnkey solution to manage environmental performance

Customizable. It adapts to your business and your constraints and contextualizes the information.

Communicative. Your users communicate with their projects on their messaging systems (MS Teams, Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack…).

Flexible. It interfaces with your existing tools and any type of data.

Easy to use. Workflows and alerts are customizable with the mouse (drag and drop), the solution is implemented in one day.

Do you have a use case?

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