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Diffusion des éco-actions

Eco-actions are everyday actions that everyone can do to reduce their environmental impact. We practiced these actions without knowing it until now, and we can paraphrase Mr. Jourdain “I have been doing eco-actions for more than forty years without knowing anything about it, and I am most grateful to you for teaching me that“. The new […]

The keys to a successful city digitization project

Numériser son territoire

A digital territory project is not only a choice of technology The success of a project as complex as the Olympic Games requires the most perfect alignment possible between the stakeholders. Local and national politicians, sports organizations, public administrations and services, private actors, etc. Beyond the necessary technical and organizational skills of each, it is […]

e-tourism: boost your city’s communication

Tourists or simple visitors to a monument, a city or a territory are no different from other people. They are looking for simplicity, time savings and the ability to quickly organize their stay. The tourism sector has largely undertaken its digital shift. More than 79% of tourists prepare their trip on the Internet, 55% book […]

Serving the autonomy of elderly people

maintain isolated or elderly people at home thanks to smart and simple communication

  Keeping the elderly at home: data to the rescue Demographic transition The majority of Europeans age in good conditions of autonomy. In France, only 8% of people over 60 years old are dependent; this proportion rises to only 20% for the over 85s. However, this represents a significant number of people: at the end […]

The CO2, indicator of containment

Miners holding a caged canary capable of alerting on CO2 levels at the time

Good ventilation reduces the risk of respiratory disease. Conversely, a CO2 concentration higher than 1000 ppm leads to a decrease in cognitive faculties.

Cities: liven up your real estate

It is necessary to be concerned now with the energy and technical management of the various elements of the buildings of the communities.