Agora Software

Remote Personnel

Cas d’usage Remote staff or on customer’s site An on-the-ground team often moves around and doesn’t have the comfort of being in an office or the ease of contact with colleagues that comes with a common workplace. There is often a digital divide between office staff and the team in the field. We propose to […]

Energy optimization of buildings

Use case Optimize the energy consumption of buildings Energy optimization is a priority topic with a lot at stake. Budgetary, ecological and regulatory issues make substantial savings necessary, and as quickly as possible. Dynamic energy management is an inexpensive solution that’s quick and easy to implement. On average, it can reduce consumption by 20%, while […]

Digital workplace

Digital workplace

Use case Digital workplace The digital workplace enables employees, wherever they may be, to access their professional information, and to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues. Integrated into this digital environment, the Agora solution extends the functions available in the digital workplace. It offers each employee multilingual access directly from his or her work environment […]

Application software vendors

Use case Application software vendors How can you simplify your solution’s user experience? With the conversational application interfaces managed by the Agora platform. Facilitate the use and adoption of your solution, without replacing your existing interfaces. Use multilingual natural language as a new remote interface to your solution Relieve your development teams and save time […]

Monitoring air quality of buildings

Qualité de l'air intérieur

Use case Monitoring air quality of buildings Measuring air quality and specifically the concentration of pollutants has become essential. However, to improve the situation, appropriate actions must also be taken. This requires accurate measurements, real-time availability of captured data, and effective communication with stakeholders. Ask for a demo! How to quickly measure the air quality […]

Make users aware of eco-gestures

Use case Make users aware to eco-gestures Better (and less) utilization of resources is everyone’s business: this is the principle of eco-gestures. However, people need to be aware of this. Launch large-scale collective notification campaigns effortlessly to all your users on a dedicated communication channel for your community. Allow your citizens to obtain useful information […]