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Energy optimization of buildings

Use case Optimize the energy consumption of buildings Energy optimization is a priority topic with a lot at stake. Budgetary, ecological and regulatory issues make substantial savings necessary, and as quickly as possible. Dynamic energy management is an inexpensive solution that’s quick and easy to implement. On average, it can reduce consumption by 20%, while […]

Monitoring air quality of buildings

Qualité de l'air intérieur

Use case Monitoring air quality of buildings Measuring air quality and specifically the concentration of pollutants has become essential. However, to improve the situation, appropriate actions must also be taken. This requires accurate measurements, real-time availability of captured data, and effective communication with stakeholders. Ask for a demo! How to quickly measure the air quality […]

Make users aware of eco-gestures

Use case Make users aware to eco-gestures Better (and less) utilization of resources is everyone’s business: this is the principle of eco-gestures. However, people need to be aware of this. Launch large-scale collective notification campaigns effortlessly to all your users on a dedicated communication channel for your community. Allow your citizens to obtain useful information […]

Control the watering of green areas

Use case Control the watering of green areas Water is most needed when it is most needed. Recurrent droughts have drawn attention to the importance of rationalizing the use of water, a vital yet limited resource. Optimizing its use for watering the city’s green spaces can result in considerable savings (up to 50%) and preserve […]