Agora Software

Remote Personnel

Cas d’usage Remote staff or on customer’s site An on-the-ground team often moves around and doesn’t have the comfort of being in an office or the ease of contact with colleagues that comes with a common workplace. There is often a digital divide between office staff and the team in the field. We propose to […]

Equipment manufacturer

Fabricants d'équipements

Use case Equipment manufacturer “Every time we sell an equipment, we lose a customer”. The main value of physical equipment is most often attached to the equipment itself, and the only ongoing relationship with the customer will be (in the best case) maintenance or repair: not very glamorous! And yet, thanks to the contribution of […]

Recruit on social media

Use case Recruit on social media Recruiting has changed dramatically over the past decade. As turnover accelerates and candidates become scarce and demanding, it is increasingly difficult to attract the best talent. On their side, the majority of job seekers use social media to identify their next professional opportunities, in addition to company websites and […]

Helping isolated people stay at home

Use case Helping vulnerable people stay at home Staying in the familiar surroundings of one’s home and delaying entry into an EHPAD is the wish of most elderly or dependent people and their families. This is often possible, as long as the consequences of loss of autonomy are anticipated. This is why the development of […]

Make users aware of eco-gestures

Use case Make users aware to eco-gestures Better (and less) utilization of resources is everyone’s business: this is the principle of eco-gestures. However, people need to be aware of this. Launch large-scale collective notification campaigns effortlessly to all your users on a dedicated communication channel for your community. Allow your citizens to obtain useful information […]

Boost the city’s tourism

Use case Boost the city’s (e)tourism Tourists or simple visitors to a site, a city or a territory are no different from other people. They are looking for simplicity, time savings and the ability to quickly organize their stay. Brochures, advertisements, websites, online reservations and mobile applications play their part. But today, how can we […]