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The emergence within ChatGPT

Emergence of Chat-GPT

  Emergence Or how is it possible that a next word prediction machine (GPT) is able to answer (almost) all our questions? And by the way, what does it answer? GPT, who what is it? GPT’s designers have found a way of transcoding a huge textual knowledge base (the Web) into another equally huge, but digital, one. […]

Software vendors: the user is the key

User is the key for Software vendors

Unfortunately, user experience is rarely the starting point in business. Too many companies still choose to operate with old methods or boilerplate tools. During your career, you’re bound to have used a word-processed schedule or an Excel-based budget model. A dense application market Necessity does not always free us from the embarrassment of choice However, […]

The enhanced Digital Workplace

Digital workplace

A Digital Workspace (DWS) or Digital Workplace is a set of techniques allowing a professional to access all his information, to communicate and to collaborate on his projects and activities. The DWS generally integrates a search engine, a document management and a corporate social network. It represents a further development of the intranet, allowing work […]

ChatGPT: should we be excited or worried?

ChatGPT Superbot

ChatGPT has been in the news for several weeks. Still at the prototype stage, it is a kind of conversational super bot developed by OpenAI. Its objective is to answer all your questions, on any subject, such as law, computer code, more general questions, etc. For those who don’t know ChatGPT yet, I invite you […]