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CEO: 4 reasons to take an interest in conversational AI


Should the CEO of a software company be interested in conversational AI? Or is it primarily a matter for the technical teams? AI is an opaque set of technologies, still poorly understood. And the fad that followed the launch of chatGPT gave the impression of a godsend. Indeed, many offerings simply integrate an LLM to […]

Conversational access to business applications: 10 criteria for product managers

How to chose Conversational AI for your application?

  Conversational access to business applications: 10 criteria for product managers In this article we share with you the criteria to consider when integrating conversational AI with business software. The release of chatGPT to the general public in December 2022 highlighted the use of natural language. This is the language we use in everyday life. […]

User Experience on Mobile Applications: Challenges & Solutions

utilisatrice satisfaite application mobile

  User experience on mobile applications: Challenges & Solutions A good user experience on mobile applications is a real challenge. Smartphones have revolutionized the way we interact with technology. As a result, mobile applications have become central to our daily lives, facilitating a wide range of tasks: from communication to managing our finances. However, despite […]

Conversational AI or generative AI…Ready to rumble

Conversational AI working alongside users, answering questions and enabling actions and bringing other benefits than Generative AI. L'IA conversationnelle travaille aux côtés des utilisateurs, répond aux questions, permet des actions et apporte d'autres avantages que l'IA générative.

  Conversational AI or generative AI? In this article, we guide you through the debate between conversational AI and generative AI. Of a completely different nature to generative AI, conversational AI aims to simplify interactions between applications (and other data sources, such as connected objects or websites) and their users. Business applications retain all their […]

Generative AI or conversational AI… Ready to rumble

IA conversationnelle contre IA générative : on refait le match

  Generative AI is on a roll. And with good reason! ChatGPT is the fastest-growing application (> 100 million users) in the history of technology. Ahead of TikTok, Instagram and the rest. Its astonishing ability to respond to (almost) all requests (“prompts”) in a polished style, implements a characteristic that was until now unique to […]

Conversations for business applications

  Making new out of old ChatGPT highlighted the use of natural language to carry out complex searches and obtain answers that are easy to use. Natural language is human language, the kind we use in everyday life. At the end of 2022, OpenAI made chatGPT available to the public, revealing all the capabilities of […]

Digital adpotion remains a challenge

L'adoption du digital : Trop d’options dans un immense labyrinthe

  Digitalizing Businesses: What are the main findings? Companies are widely adopting digital technology if we measure it by the fact that they have equipped themselves. But getting users to use it properly remains a challenge. To prepare its «Digital Adoption Trends 2023 » report, Whatfix surveyed over 1,100 business software users. One of the […]

Apple GPT

Logo Apple

  Apple GPT Last week we saw Apple’s “Keynote” conference, announcing the new iPhone and Apple Watch range for 2023/2024. During this conference, a very important announcement was made by Apple. This announcement, which was probably not understood by all observers, was the ability for the new version of the Apple Watch Series9, to use […]

When AI feeds HRIS the prompt, users win.

IA conversationnelle pour SIRH

When AI feeds HRIS the prompt, users win Artificial intelligence (AI) is in every conversation and, whether visible or not, its uses have multiplied.   One of its most exciting areas is conversational AI.   This innovation is revolutionizing the way companies approach human resources management (HRM). Indeed, it offers a personalized and efficient approach for Human […]