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Use case

Application software vendors

How can you simplify your solution’s user experience?

With the conversational application interfaces managed by the Agora platform.

  • Develop the use and adoption of your solution, without replacing your existing interfaces.
  • Use multilingual natural language as a new remote interface to your solution
  • Relieve your development teams and save time on your roadmap, thanks to OEM & white label integration.

Your applications and platforms reflect your expertise.

We can make them even more accessible by adding additional, natural interfaces: collaborative platforms and social networks, where 100% of your users are.

Agora Software provides conversational interfaces to Software vendors
Speed and ease of deployment in multilingual and omnichannel environments were also essential to our value proposition.

Simplify your user experience

Provide instant, accurate and effortless access to all your users:


  • From the WhatsApp channel set up by the publisher,


  • in this case in French (but it could also be in Polish, Spanish or English…),


  • you get a summary of invoices for a given project,


  • instantly and in real time,


  • directly from the ERP connected to Agora on a white-label basis.


…Simplify your solution’s user experience!

Stages of a project with Agora Software

R&D Agora
Your R&D



2 or 3 iterations

Definition of the functional and application scope



Few days

Validation of technical feasibility



Few weeks

Realization on a broader functional perimeter specific to your use cases



Few weeks

Implementation of administration and control interfaces for our platform



At your own rhythm

Progressive or complete on your customer base

"Working with Agora saved us precious time to innovate by integrating an extra brick of Artificial Intelligence into our Talentia Human Capital Management suite. The team was flexible in iterating until we got a result that brought us a lot of value. At Talentia Software, we expect these technologies to become increasingly critical for our customers, and to have a positive impact in terms of user engagement, HR service continuity, scalability and productivity."

Simplify your user experience by getting:


Your business applications


Users on their digital workplace

MS Teams, Google Workplace, Slack, etc.


Users on their personal media

Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

Example : Software publisher simplifies the HRIS user experience and sets itself apart from competing solutions

As Europe’s leading provider of HRIS/HCM solutions, this Franco-Italian publisher was quick to respond to its customers’ demand for support in the digital workplace.

Receiving repeated requests from its customers to take into account their transition to solutions such as MS Teams, Google Workplace or Slack, the publisher considered a number of technical solutions: chatbots, Gafam “AI” suites, etc. It finally opted for the Agora solution, mainly because of the need to support its customers in the digital workplace. 

It finally opted for the Agora solution, mainly for technical and functional reasons. Flexibility of integration, level of security and confidentiality, quality of language processing, white label… 

The speed and simplicity of deployment in multilingual and omnichannel environments were also decisive.

Within a few days, an initial PoC was set up to ensure the feasibility of integrating the 2 platforms. 

In just a few weeks, we completed OEM integration of the Agora platform on the publisher’s platform. This facilitated deployment and configuration for existing and new customers.

In just a few months, this publisher enabled its customers’ users to make their requests directly on their everyday collaborative tools (MS Teams, Slack, Google Chat, etc.). 

In this case, interactions may concern requests for leave, training, payroll, expense claims, feedback, etc.

Users benefit from all the functional richness of the HR solution, and moreover in their everyday language.

Thanks to OEM integration of the Agora platform, this editor, its integrator partners and even its end customers can define new automatic language processing models themselves.

They can evolve the different use cases for each company (evacuation procedures, access to key documents, works council services, etc.).

Things to remember:

Conversational application interfaces make it possible to simplify and accelerate interactions for all your users, wherever they may be.

As a software or platform publisher, you have developed remarkable skills in your field: ERP, CRM, HRIS, Finance, Training, CMMS…

All your users are already connected to collaborative platforms and social networks.

Agora’s conversational application interface lets you connect your software or platform directly to these users, as required on MS Teams, Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, LINE, Google Chat, etc.

Which offer to simplify your user experience?

Our flexible subscription plans are designed for both medium and large companies. They support you during the different phases of your projects: pilot, deployment and generalization.

Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and to bring conversation to your applications. So, do not hesitate to contact us!