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Consulting companies & Service providers

The applications of the Worktech sector concern the whole range of digital services: consulting, engineering, design, outsourcing… NSEs and service providers find in it a source of innovation that enables them to best support their customers (companies and local authorities) in the transformation of their businesses. Design of strategic plans, solution architecture, outsourcing, governance, operational support, development of business scenarios, addition of automatic language processing elements (intentions): small or large, all these major players in the digital transformation of companies are concerned.

Fournisseurs de service numériques​ ou ESN

Example: Global management of energy performance

Management and optimization of the energy performance of a local authority’s buildings

Aware of the financial and ecological stakes, this local authority initiated a global project to manage and reduce energy consumption (electricity and gas) in its entire building stock: about 150 buildings of all types, swimming pool, sports center, day care centers, schools, waste collection center, city hall, etc.

To determine the best strategy (KPIs, prioritization of buildings, choice of technologies, budgets, etc.), it relied on a consulting firm with which it was already close: the firm’s intimate knowledge of this territory guarantees a relevant approach, and the trust is already there. This study has also chosen the same Agora infrastructure for the monitoring of air quality on part of its assets, at marginal cost.

Having limited resources, the DGS, in agreement with the elected officials, decided to entrust the deployment, the commissioning and the operational support to another service provider, partner of Agora and specialized in the 24/7 support of digital infrastructures. 

A communication strategy is set up (using the MS Teams digital environment and SMS) to distribute only the useful information to the different people, according to their role.

The local authority pilots its project (objective results, treatment of discrepancies, functional and scope extensions, etc.) on the basis of a quarterly audit involving the local authority’s departments, and the gains are objectively measured.

Elements that must interact:


The elected officials

The mayor and his deputies for digital and ecological transition

Community services

Management (DGS, DST) and their teams (flow managers, maintenance…)


The different energy suppliers

Electricity, gas, etc.

Digital service providers

Strategy consultants, operational operators, etc.


To go further...

Caught between talent wars and freelance platforms, NSEs are focusing on innovation and added value.

The war for talent 

The need for tech skills in France is expected to increase by 90% by 2030 (McKinsey). But skilled resources cannot keep up with this demand: according to SYntec Numérique, 85% of ESNs are struggling to recruit and retain their staff. The balance on which the ESN model has been based until now is about to tip over.

Talents in search of meaning

A large proportion of Millenials say they are not attracted to traditional employment, and a large majority of them demand more flexibility at work.

Talented profiles positioned on coveted expertise have understood that they have an advantage to leave the ranks of their consulting firm and go towards a freelance model: choose your own clients, define your mission, your rates, your schedule or your place of work…

We are only at the beginning of the changes in the digital skills sector. The plurality of the actors in presence lets foresee new scenarios where the strengths and weaknesses of each one will be able to give birth to new schemes, which will benefit in fine to the companies in search of expertise, speed and transparency, but also to the small structures of independents in search of innovative projects with strong added value.

Which offer for your company?

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