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Simplifying ERP with conversational AI

Les défis des ERP
ERP remains at the heart of a company's information system.

The major challenge facing ERP publishers today is how to make their high-performance yet complex solutions, more accessible and user-friendly.

Integrating conversational AI into ERP is a highly relevant approach.

In this article, we take a look at the many possibilities offered by integrating conversational AI with ERP.

Because even if ERP systems are sometimes complex for users to grasp, they remain essential to efficient organizations… And because at Agora Software we love ERP!

Chez Agora Software, on adore les ERP. Justement parce que leur richesse fonctionnelle permet une utilisation pertinente de l'IA conversationnelle

ERP: rich but complex software

ERPs are among the most powerful applications on the market, offering a multitude of essential functions for businesses.

They enable companies to process their customer orders and purchases, manage their inventory, accounting and cash flow, etc., all from a single application. Most companies want to benefit from all these applications without having to worry about developing interfaces between them.

However, this functional richness often translates into a real complexity that can discourage users and limit the adoption and optimal use of solutions.

Once again, ERPs are amazing and essential. And it’s true that user interface issues exist with all software publishers. But in the particular case of ERP, by definition, questions of use have always been a challenge.

Complexité de l'ensemble des processus supportés par un ERP
Les processus supportés par un ERP peuvent être complexes

First of all, the functional tree structure is dense, since the business coverage is complete. So for the user, it’s not always easy to navigate.

Secondly, partial or occasional use is frequent. Access to the solution by third parties such as suppliers, customers, chartered accountants or statutory auditors, temporary workers… makes good sense in terms of efficiency. But it’s also these same users who receive the least training.

Finally, a wealth of functions means a multitude of references and technical terms. Each ERP user has its own vocabulary, terminology and references.

Simplifying the customer path with conversational AI

Integrating conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your ERP is a tremendous source of simplification.

Indeed, conversational AI enables users to interact with their software in natural language, whether in writing or by voice, and in several languages.

The reality is that users are not always experts in ERP, nor do they master all its functionalities.

Interroger un ERP depuis une conversation Teams
Imagine a user simply asking his ERP software a question and instantly receiving a precise, relevant answer.

Integrating conversational AI into your ERP, but what for?

With the development of generative AI, it’s unthinkable for a software vendor not to think about integrating AI.

But this requires a clear understanding of what is feasible and what brings value.

Here are a few ways to maximize the relevance of integrating conversational AI into an ERP system.

  • ERP systems are well known for their ability to store a wealth of valuable data. Augmented research offers real convenience to the user. By expressing their needs briefly and naturally, they can obtain the information they need directly. RAG-type projects are extremely user-friendly.
  • An ERP covers a wide range of business needs. And users often have to interrupt themselves or change interface to write, for example, a letter relevant to the process they are carrying out. Many software vendors offer a template library. The user may wish to integrate a contractual element, humanize the message by changing the tone, quote a previous exchange… Text generation directly integrated into the ERP interface simplifies the process and even provides best practices. A clear perception of value for the editor’s customers!
  • Transactional AI offers an innovative approach to simplifying user interactions and making the software experience more intuitive and user-friendly. Users no longer need to be trained or know where to go, but can express themselves directly in their own language, obtaining information or creating a record.

Boost ERP usage and adoption with conversational AI

Thanks to conversational AI, users can perform tasks, obtain information and solve problems more efficiently, without having to navigate through menus or consult user manuals.

This approach significantly reduces the time needed to train users on the software, while facilitating their adoption and day-to-day use.

Integrating conversational AI into ERP offers many advantages to software publishers.

Firstly, it enhances the user experience by making interactions more natural and straightforward. Users can ask questions and perform actions using familiar language, reducing the frustration associated with software complexity. What’s more, conversational AI shortens the learning curve for users, as they can quickly master the software by asking questions and getting instant answers.

Furthermore, conversational AI offers a multi-channel solution, enabling users to interact with the software via text or voice, according to their preferences. This increased flexibility improves the software’s accessibility and delivers a more personalized user experience.

Integrating conversational AI into an ERP system helps to increase the operational efficiency of customer companies. By simplifying users’ interactions with the software, internal processes can be run more smoothly and efficiently, resulting in productivity gains and more optimized business processes.

Conversational AI: a strategic opportunity for ERP

Integrating conversational AI into ERP represents a strategic opportunity for software publishers.

By making user interactions simpler and more intuitive, shortening training and learning times, and facilitating the adoption and use of ERP solutions, conversational AI can transform the user experience and offer a significant competitive advantage in the enterprise software market.


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