Optimize the energy consumption of buildings

Electricity and natural gas are the main sources of energy used in the real estate of the communities. 

Budgetary, ecological and regulatory issues make strong savings necessary, and as quickly as possible. 

Dynamic energy management is an inexpensive, simple and quick solution to implement. On average, it can reduce consumption by 20%, while maintaining user comfort.

Cas d'usage - Batiment

Example: Control of the heating or air conditioning of a gymnasium

Particularly expensive to heat or air-condition, and of irregular use, the climatic control of a gymnasium requires flexibility, simplicity and common sense.

The Director of Technical Services of a medium-sized city decided to implement dynamic control by deploying our solution.

By describing in his Office 365 calendar the use of the gym and combining it with weather forecasts, it becomes very simple to adapt the temperature objectives for this sports facility to the real needs of the users. 

For example, the DST sets a rule that if a sports event is scheduled for the next day at 2 p.m. and the forecasted outdoor temperature is below 12°, the heating in the complex must be turned on 3 hours earlier and set to 19°.

When he started with Agora Software, he chose that the instructions should be communicated the day before, then reminded a few hours before to the guard, by SMS. The latter therefore automatically receives the day before at 5 p.m., and then the next morning, a message asking him to indicate a heating set point of 19° in the complex on the day of the event at 11 a.m. 

In a second step, a connection with the climate system will allow him to make these adjustments in a fully automatic way, without even the intervention of the guard.

The gymnasium no longer heats up “when not in use” (the same will be true for the air conditioning and ventilation systems) and the athletes benefit from the best conditions as soon as they arrive for training or competitions: The DST is now able to reduce its consumption and make savings without affecting the comfort of users and staff.

Elements that must interact:


Communicating meters and sensors

Temperature, humidity, smoke, CO2 and VOC concentration, intrusion detector, noise detector… 

Active equipment

HVAC: heating, ventilation, air conditioning


Calendar of use of the premises

Holidays, opening hours, special events…

Web services

Weather forecasts, pollution alerts, heat waves, extreme cold…


Teams in charge of the good functioning

Property management, technical management, sports management, janitor

Optional: cleaning, waste removal, security…

To go further...

Ecological awareness, new regulations and reduced expenses are driving the energy transition in commercial buildings.

The law (tertiary decree and BACS decree) has recently defined an ambitious objective of reducing energy consumption by -40% by 2030. The main areas for improvement are the following

  • The building envelope: insulation, woodwork, solar protection…;
  • Installation of efficient equipment: heating, hot water, lighting, etc;
  • The optimization of the exploitation: active management of the equipment…;
  • The economical use: automatic switch-off of lighting, etc.

Before making costly investments, you can act quickly to reduce your energy impact. Implement a flexible and interactive digital infrastructure that supports both optimized automatic processes and simple, real-time interactions with your building management staff.

Putting Agora Software into action

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Other cases of application for a sustainable management of the territories: to control the gauges of reception, to control the lighting of buildings, to detect intrusions, to optimize the maintenance and the maintenance of equipment.

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Which plan for your city?

Because real estate is in very different states: connectivity, insulation, number of buildings…
Because the use of a sports complex is not the same as that of an administrative building
Because heating, air conditioning and ventilation management needs differ from one location to another…

Our subscription plans adapt to your configuration.

The Agora solution is very simple and intuitive. In addition, our team is at your disposal to accompany you during the different phases of your projects: pilot, deployment and generalization.

Contact them to discuss your projects and energy management constraints. They will help you design the best way to animate and automate your business processes.