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Use case


Factories are the scene of many industrial processes: production, logistics, maintenance, etc. Based on in-depth experience and highly optimized, these processes can further gain in value by interoperating with other applications and by integrating data from outside the plant (weather, traffic, data from partners, etc.).


Example : Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance requires close collaboration between connected devices, business applications and users.

Accessible and efficient, predictive maintenance of industrial equipment combines precise sensors, connected machines and applications capable of deducing health status from raw data.

The stakes are high for the company: optimization of the production line’s operating time, extension of the lifespan of costly equipment, increase in quality and predictability…

However, there is still an important element to address: communication and dynamic collaboration between the different technical and human components involved in maintenance and production.

Elements that must interact


Data about equipment behaviour

  • Sensors of any kind (temperature, noise, vibration, engine torque, etc.)
  • Cycle of use…

Business applications

  • Software able to anticipating defects from raw data;
  • CMMS and ERP to organize maintenance and repair operations;
  • Machine usage planning;
  • HRIS for team scheduling.

The various stakeholders

  1. Support and maintenance office;
  2. Maintenance and repair staff;
  3. Production managers;
  4. Equipment and spare part manufacturers and suppliers.

Which subscription plan for your industry?

Our flexible subscription plans are aimed at both SMEs and large companies. They will support you during the different phases of your projects: pilot, deployment and generalization.

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