Remote staff or on customer's site

Because they work on a regular basis and have to visit their patients, clients or suppliers on a daily basis, a certain number of employees have always lived on the road. They travel a lot, and have neither the office comfort nor the ease of contact with their colleagues that a shared workplace provides. In addition, for many employees who work at their customers’ premises, working hours can be very different from those of sedentary teams. Thanks to digital solutions, it is possible to improve their working environment in an efficient and human way. Facilitating and simplifying interactions with support teams reinforces the feeling of belonging, and enables the delivery of quality service, while respecting the work rhythm of each individual.

Example: Helping caregivers at home

Helping caregivers at home while relieving central teams

This home assistance and support services company intervenes to help the elderly do what they can no longer do by themselves: get dressed, do the shopping, prepare meals, etc.

With more than 10,000 employees working for numerous clients, supporting caregivers is a key issue (they are the ones who represent the company and deliver the service) and a difficult one (shifting hours, lack of interest in digital technology, etc.). Keeping these skills and these good profiles is complex: the feeling of belonging to their employer is weak (they – or they – will be more attached to the people they accompany).

The workload of central services to support these people on a daily basis is considered too high, with mixed results.

Agora was therefore called in to set up a communication solution using basic tools (WhatsApp and SMS) allowing simple and automated communication.

This system allows the head office to broadcast targeted information (reminders of dates, administrative changes, news about the company, etc.) and the home helpers to ask their practical questions in their everyday language, and to have some of them automatically resolved, without calling the central support:

  • Report unavailability
  • Request a pay slip
  • To make a statement of hours
  • Ask for vacations
  • Report information on services and customers.

Elements that must interact:


Enterprise business applications

HRIS, collaborative application/digital workplace

Means of communication for employees

Messaging services (Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS…)


Caregivers at home

In their everyday language, on their favorite social network and messenger

HR Department and managers

On the company’s collaborative application (digital workplace)


To go further...

Business support activities: a little considered and poorly paid profession, but so necessary!

The private security sector in France includes 12,000 companies employing more than 180,000 security guards (mostly men). The cleaning sector is carried out by nearly 13,000 companies employing at least one employee, for a total of approximately 540,000 employees (mostly women).

Reception staff, home carers… all invisible jobs, poorly paid, with no real prospect of progression and difficult working conditions: specificities linked to the work itself, long and split hours, weekend work, lack of consideration… 

No wonder it is so difficult to recruit enough agents, and those in place are so hard to retain.

A study (2019) conducted by the Union des Entreprises de la Sécurité Privée showed that 49% of agents are considering leaving private security! And that the top three reasons that might lead to continuing to work in the private security industry, the top 3 are:

  • Better pay
  • More career development opportunities
  • More recognition from the hierarchy

There is probably no miracle solution, but it is clear that the link between agents and their company is a major issue for both parties – and technology can help improve the situation without significantly impacting costs.

Putting Agora Software into action for your remote staff

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