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Recruiting has changed dramatically over the past decade. As turnover accelerates and candidates become scarce and demanding, it is increasingly difficult to attract the best talent. On their side, the majority of job seekers use social media to identify their next professional opportunities, in addition to company websites and job boards: how can we ignore this channel of contact?

Example: Seamless recruitment on social media

Maintaining the communication thread throughout the recruitment process on social networks.

A restaurant chain asks a specialized agency to broadcast its recruitment campaigns on social networks (Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook) in order to quickly generate a significant volume of qualified candidates.

After a severe targeting, the contacted people who react positively to the campaign are pre-qualified by a questionnaire directly on the social network, then, through the Agora solution, they are automatically connected to the client’s HR 

department through the public messaging system of their choice (for example Messenger or WhatsApp).

For its part, the HR department can continue to use its usual tools (recruitment module of its HRIS, collaborative application of the company) while the candidate continues to communicate on the messaging system of his choice.

There is no longer any risk of losing contact and therefore of dropping out (particularly damaging at the beginning of the recruitment process), the rate of discovery of qualified profiles is maximized and the recruitment cost is optimized.

Elements that must interact:


Social network recruitment application

Advertising campaign, online survey, first screening

Enterprise business applications

HRIS, collaborative application/digital workplace


Means of communication

Social networks (Instagram, Tiktok…) and messaging services (Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS…)


In their everyday language, on their favorite social network and messenger


HR Department

On their usual tools (HRIS, digital work environment of the company)

To go further...

In a tight recruitment market, it is necessary to diversify your recruitment methods to find the right profiles on social networks.

As new generations of digital natives enter the job market, social media is an employer’s main source for recruiting new talent.

To cut costs, but also to reach candidates who will never be present on resume libraries. According to a study conducted by RegionsJob, 82% of job seekers are looking to be recruited via social networks.

Develop your employer brand

As a recruiter, using social networks also means communicating about your company and thus giving visibility to your employer brand.

Indeed, by publishing content about your company on social networks, you can boost your employer brand. Secondly, it facilitates the recruitment of new employees and contributes to a good image among employees.

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