Boost the city's (e)tourism

Tourists or simple visitors to a site, a city or a territory are no different from other people. They are looking for simplicity, time savings and the ability to quickly organize their stay. Brochures, advertisements, websites, online reservations and mobile applications play their part. But today, how can we put aside social networks?


Example: Boosting local tourism

The European Heritage Days is one of the most popular cultural events in France. But it is not always easy to find one’s way through the multiplicity of sites and events offered.

In addition to its website, the city’s Tourist Office has set up with Agora an assistance service on Messenger and WhatsApp applications. Connected with this service on their messenger from a simple QR Code, visitors can then ask practical questions (in many languages, which is very useful for international tourists) such as:

  • What type of events (visits, museum, concert, animation, sport, culture…) will take place next Saturday afternoon
  • What is the address and how to get there?
  • Is the site accessible to PRM?
  • What are the opening hours?
  • Is it necessary to reserve, and how?
  • How much does the visit cost ?
  • What is the content of the visit?
  • Do you have any suggestions on the theme of history, for tomorrow between 2 and 5 pm?
  • What is the weather forecast for tomorrow morning?
  • I want to leave my opinion!

Visitors (locals and tourists) can find their way around more easily. The Tourist Office obtains valuable data on the behavior of their guests.

Elements that must interact:



Planning and practical information on the different visits

Appointment scheduling system

For sites requiring a prior reservation


The Tourist Office

For the diffusion of information concerning the event (here the European Heritage Days)

Visitors (local and tourists)

Through their favorite messaging application


Additional services

Weather, accessibility, public toilets…

To go further...

Tourism has a major impact on both the economy and the cultural influence of territories. How can it benefit from the new possibilities of digital technology?

The tourism sector has largely embraced the digital revolution: more than 79% of tourists prepare their trip on the Internet and 55% book it online.

“M-tourism” (e-tourism via their mobile) is growing rapidly. 58% of French people who left in 2018 used their mobile or tablet to prepare their leisure stays.

Leaflets, advertisements, websites, online reservations and mobile applications are playing their part. But today, how can we put aside social networks? In France, the average time spent on these networks is nearly two hours per day!

It is not about copying the undeniable capabilities and benefits of these different media, but about bringing a complementary way to interact with visitors.

In particular to make increasingly simple actions that themselves are quite simple, which require a selection path too deep, many parameters or to exchange information too confidential.

Permanent heritage: it is composed of historical monuments, museums, remarkable sites… on the territory. The elements to be communicated are the information on what can be found there, the schedules, the prices, the possible means of reservation, the addresses… Ideas for walks and outings can help you organize a quick trip to discover a new territory or simply the place where you live every day…

One-off events: these are events of various kinds, but which last from a few hours to a few days and which often attract many visitors: cultural events, sports events, local festivals, music festivals, heritage days, etc.

Further improve your city's usage

Other cases of application to improve the life of citizens: facilitate the registration to leisure centers or nursery, report the removal of bulky or graffiti, manage the booking of appointments for civil status procedures, respond to requests for daily local information (on-call pharmacies, schedules of municipal structures, questions on elections, monitoring air quality …), disseminate and analyze a citizen consultation.

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Which plan for your city?

Highlight the cultural heritage of your region, gather information from different websites, allow visitors to book a ticket or via their usual messaging system … here are some examples of what is possible with Agora Software.

Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions, to guide you towards the most adapted offer and to allow you to build the best experience for your visitors. Do not hesitate to contact us!