Agora Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is no code business process automation?

The goal of no code automation is to give control of processes to business experts without requiring them to master software development techniques. This allows them to focus on defining, developing and maintaining the processes they are experts in, without the need to rely on software specialists, who are often busy with other tasks within the IT department.

To achieve this, no-code solutions offer simple and intuitive interfaces that describe the logic to be implemented: triggering conditions, actions to be taken when the conditions are met, etc.

What are the characteristics of no code orchestration by Agora?

Agora has designed a no code engine adapted to the definition of operational scenarios for business experts in enterprises and cities. The following points are worth mentioning:

  • A playful, drag-and-drop interface that is simple enough to avoid a long learning curve and comprehensive enough to set up business scenarios that combine many conditions;
  • It offers dynamic functions, with contextual parameter passing, etc. ;
  • It allows the automation of natural language commands through the “Talkers” deployed in the workspace;
  • It guarantees data consistency thanks to its atomicity properties;
  • It works in real time;
  • An advanced mode allows to embed directly JavaScript code to take into account special situations.