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Use case

Digital workplace

The digital workplace enables employees, wherever they may be, to access their professional information, and to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues.

Integrated into this digital environment, the Agora solution extends the functions available in the digital workplace.

It offers each employee multilingual access directly from his or her work environment to the company’s various business applications: HRIS, ERP, CRM… And this environment can be the corporate social network, instant messaging or, if required, public messaging applications (Messenger, WhatsApp…).

Bring information to your employees wherever they are and on the channel of their choice

  • From a Slack, MS Teams or WhatsApp channel…


  • in the language of their choice and in their own words,


  • every employee has access to the company’s various business applications,


  • and can interact with heterogeneous data sources, 


  • wherever they are, whenever they want.

Parts of your digital workplace, that can interact:


HRIS application suite

Absence, training, payroll, expenses, evaluations, recruitment…

Other applications

Company intranet, works council site, ERP, etc.


Communication tools

Collaborative applications (MS Teams, Slack, Google…) and messaging services (Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS…)


In their everyday language


Exemple : A multilingual, omnichannel digital workplace to unify exchanges

To go further with your digital workplace...

Putting people at the heart of the digital work environment by communicating in their own language

Human beings naturally understand and interact with each other in English, French, Portuguese and at least using human language.

The use of natural language is therefore one of the keys to a simple, efficient and accessible workspace, which will facilitate its adoption.

If it is true that not all actions can be simply verbalized, there is however great progress accessible for most of the requests and exchanges, obviously with our colleagues, but also with the digital solutions supporting the company’s business: business applications, web services, connected objects, etc.

Imagine. Your employees use a digital workspace (e.g. MS Teams). They have organized this space according to the projects they are involved in, the groups they interact with, their interests, etc.

Leaving this environment to use another service, often through a website or a mobile application, will require an effort: leaving the workspace, finding the link to the website or application, identifying oneself, remembering the interface, copying and duplicating information and finding the automatisms necessary to use the service, etc.

It will be quicker and more natural for the user to consider that the application is part of his correspondents and to send him a message “as it comes”, directly in the language of his choice, from his digital workspace.

Which offer for your company?

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