Agora Software

Inclusive digital transformation

Rendons conversationnelles vos applications (finance, logistique, commerce, marketing, RH)

Omnichannel and multilingual access to your applications

Allow your users, wherever they are and at any time, to benefit from your services.

Make them available to all your employees, partners and customers,

Strengthen your employer brand,

Combine and exploit data of any kind

Extend the uses of your application fleet.

Ils le disent

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Communicate, inform, collaborate, retain

Do you have a use case?

The Agora solution adapts to your business, including in the implementation details derived from your past investments, the experience and culture of your teams. The situations above are just examples to make it easier to understand the possibilities at your fingertips.

Our experts are at your disposal to answer all your questions and advise you on the best way to inform, animate and automate different aspects of your business. Do not hesitate to ask them!