Energy optimization of buildings

Use case Optimize the energy consumption of buildings Electricity and natural gas are the main sources of energy used in the real estate of the communities. Budgetary, ecological and regulatory issues make strong savings necessary, and as quickly as possible. Dynamic energy management is an inexpensive, simple and quick solution to implement. On average, it […]

Monitoring air quality at school

Cas d'usage - Qualité de l'air

Use case Monitoring air quality at school Measuring the concentration of pollutants in the air and taking appropriate action to reduce their presence requires good measurements, real-time availability of the data collected, and appropriate communication to stakeholders. Ask for a demo Example: Monitoring air quality at school Concerned about the health of children and aware […]

Control the watering of green areas

Use case Control the watering of green areas Water is most needed when it is most needed. Recurrent droughts have drawn attention to the importance of rationalizing the use of water, a vital yet limited resource. Optimizing its use for watering the city’s green spaces can result in considerable savings (up to 50%) and preserve […]