Consulting companies & Service providers

Use case Consulting companies & Service providers The applications of the Worktech sector concern the whole range of digital services: consulting, engineering, design, outsourcing… NSEs and service providers find in it a source of innovation that enables them to best support their customers (companies and local authorities) in the transformation of their businesses. Design of […]

Equipment manufacturer

Cas d'usage - Industrie -Maintenance Prédictive

Use case Equipment manufacturer “Every time we sell an equipment, we lose a customer”. The main value of physical equipment is most often attached to the equipment itself, and the only ongoing relationship with the customer will be (in the best case) maintenance or repair: not very glamorous! And yet, thanks to the contribution of […]

Application software vendors

Use case Application software vendors Application software publishers have developed remarkable skills in their field: ERP, CRM, HRIS, Finance, CMMS, etc. But beyond the necessary functional excellence, the user experience remains a determining element for a strong differentiation and a better appropriation by the customers. Access to the customer’s digital workplace has become a key […]