Agriculture – Predictive Irrigation

Cas d'usage - Agriculture

Use case Agriculture Agriculture is the result of a clever mix of traditions and innovations. Field crops, market gardening, greenhouses, soilless and even hydroponics combine many parameters (temperature, humidity, sunshine, soil type…) and are constantly adapting to changing circumstances. Example: Predictive irrigation More than ever, water management is a critical activity. The stakes of a […]

Cities & Territories – Air quality

Cas d'usage - Qualité de l'air

Use case Smart cities Cities are looking to deliver better services to their residents, reduce their environmental footprint  and modernize the technical management of their real estate – at little cost and without impacting their current infrastructure.  Four axes are privileged: Empower existing infrastructure Reduce the consumption of water, energy, salt, etc. Improve services to […]

Industry – Predictive Maintenance

Cas d'usage - Industrie -Maintenance Prédictive

Use case Industry Factories are the scene of many industrial processes: production, logistics, maintenance, etc. Based on in-depth experience and highly optimized, these processes can further gain in value by interoperating with other applications and by integrating data from outside the plant (weather, traffic, data from partners, etc.). Example : Predictive maintenance Predictive maintenance requires […]

Tertiary buildings – Energy transition

Cas d'usage - Batiment

Use case Tertiary buildings Reducing energy consumption, improving quality of life and security are the new challenges for tertiary buildings (offices, educational and health institutions, sports and cultural facilities, etc.). Close coordination between applications and connected devices is the key to the success of these projects.  Example : Energy transition Ecological awareness, regulations and reduced […]

Utilities – Water Distribution

Cas d'usage - Distribution de l'eau

Use case Utilities Producers and distributors of water, gas or electricity, waste managers: players in the utilities sector have a wide variety of professions, transformed by the need for greener operations and cheaper growth. Example : Water distribution From its extraction to its distribution, including filtration, decontamination and various treatments, water is the subject of […]

Business applications – HRIS software

Editeur de logiciel

Use case Business applications Business applications are at the heart of business processes: industry (ERP, MES, CMMS, etc.), logistics (WMS), buildings (BMS), commercial functions (CRM), administration (HRIS, finance, etc.). They are increasingly required to collaborate with their digital environment, but also to interact more simply with their users. Example : HRIS application suite The HRIS, […]