Remote Personnel

Cas d’usage Remote staff or on customer’s site Because they work on a regular basis and have to visit their patients, clients or suppliers on a daily basis, a certain number of employees have always lived on the road. They travel a lot, and have neither the office comfort nor the ease of contact with […]

Recruit on social media

Use case Recruit on social media Recruiting has changed dramatically over the past decade. As turnover accelerates and candidates become scarce and demanding, it is increasingly difficult to attract the best talent. On their side, the majority of job seekers use social media to identify their next professional opportunities, in addition to company websites and […]

Digital workplace

Editeur de logiciel

Use case Digital workplace The digital workplace allows employees, wherever they are, to access their professional information, to communicate and to collaborate with their colleagues. Integrated into this digital environment, the Agora solution extends the functions available in the digital workplace by offering each employee multilingual access directly from his environment to the various business […]