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How can I simplify the use of my software or platform?

By allowing users to interact wherever they are, and to do so effortlessly, in their own language! As a software or platform publisher, you have developed remarkable skills in your core business: ERP, CRM, HRIS, Finance, Training, CMMS…

But beyond the necessary functional excellence, the user experience remains a determining element for a strong differentiation and a better appropriation by your customers.

We can help you to :

  • Develop the use and adoption of your solution
  • Multiply the possibilities of process management for your users
  • Relieve your development teams and thus save time on your Roadmap.

Example: How a HRIS/HCM vendor entered the digital workplace of all its customers in one fell swoop

As the European leader in HRIS/HCM solutions for the SME market, this Franco-Italian publisher was able to respond quickly to its customers’ demand for support in the digital workplace.

When asked repeatedly by its customers to take into account their transition to solutions such as MS Teams, Google Workplace or Slack/Salesforce, the editor considered several technical solutions: chatbots, Gafam “AI” suites, etc. It finally opted for the solution of the “digital workplace”. 

It finally opted for the Agora solution, for technical and functional reasons (flexibility of integration, level of security and confidentiality, quality of language processing, white label, etc.)

but also for the speed and simplicity of deployment in multilingual and omnichannel environments.

In just a few months, this vendor was able to enable its many customers’ employees to receive rich notifications (reminders, approvals, HR information, etc.) and make requests (time off, training, payroll, expense reports, feedback, etc.) directly from their digital work environment, in their everyday language. 

The editor, its integrator partners and even customers can define by themselves new interactions specific to their company (evacuation procedures, access to key documents, to services of their works council, etc.).

Elements that must interact:


Editor's business applications

ERP, CMMS and Predictive Maintenance

Users on their digital workplace

MS Teams, Google Workplace, Slack, etc.


Users on their personal media

Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

Example of the user experience with an ERP

  • From the WhatsApp channel set up by the editor,
  • by writing in his language, here in French,
  • you get a summary of invoices for a given project,
  • instantly and in real time,
  • directly from the ERP which is connected to Agora in white

To go further...

Business software vendors: make your users’ lives easier

Imagine. Users of your solution use a digital workspace (e.g. MS Teams). They have organized this space according to the projects they are involved in, the groups they interact with, their interests, etc.

Leaving this environment to use another service, often through a website or mobile app, will require effort. Leaving the workspace, finding the link to the website or application, identifying oneself, remembering the interface and finding the automatisms necessary for a good use of the solution, etc.

It will be quicker and more natural for the user to consider that the application is part of his correspondents and to send him a message “as it comes”, directly in the language of his choice, from his digital workspace.

The Agora Software solution strengthens the link between business applications and their users, by providing integrated access to these applications from their digital workspace, to :

  • Perform business transactions directly from their preferred environment;
  • Automatically answer recurring questions;
  • Transmit useful information, notifications…

And the benefits are many:

  • Simplify users’ lives
  • Build customer and employee loyalty
  • Develop the editor’s brand and the company’s employer brand
  • Relieve the back office.

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