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8 questions to address when integrating AI into your application

Apporter toutes les pièces du puzzle "intégration IA" aux Product Managers.
Missing pieces to integrate AI into your application?

Product Managers must hastily integrate AI into their applications.

So while this period of innovation is very stimulating, we have to recognize that it requires an extraordinary amount of work on the part of the teams.

At Agora Software, we want to bring maximum value to publishers. So we’ve put together the ultimate checklist of questions to ask yourself before embarking on a project to integrate AI into your product.

Our aim? To bring as many pieces as possible to the Product Manager’s puzzle.

THE checklist for software vendors

When embarking on a project to integrate conversational AI into your application, it’s essential to consider the following questions:

  1. What functionalities are relevant in conversational form?
  2. How would my users like to converse with my application (language, channel)?
  3. Should I enable personalization or adaptation to my customers’ context?
  4. How can the solution evolve when new products are created or a new type of customer is acquired?
  5. What limits should be set in terms of regulations and security?
  6. How can I model the costs and reduce the budgetary risks associated with such a project?
  7. Should I integrate AI into my application by default, or make it a separate product?
  8. Where can I find the skills and knowledge (in-house, via a service provider, through packaged technological integration, etc.)?

You need some help to answer?

Agora Software is an software vendor for software vendors.

We deploy conversational application interfaces that enhance the user experience of our customers’ applications and platforms. We create rich, multilingual and omnichannel interactions with all your users.

If you’d like to find out more about our conversational AI platform, let’s talk!

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